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File Format

We work with all standard word processing and digital audio formats.

We are happy to work with mini disk and tape recordings. . However, both of these will need to be digitised before transcribing for an additional fee of £20.00 per item.

You can either email files, upload your files or post audio CD’s to the address here.

Please upload your files for transcribing and fill in the information required on the form.

It helps us keep track of files more easily and identify them quickly if they are given a (temporary) title rather than a file number.

We’d appreciate it if clients could aid transcription turnaround and quality by providing the following:

  • A brief synopsis of the context/research subject
  • A list of acronyms, abbreviations and place names which may be unfamiliar to us
  • For focus groups: A list of names of interviewees and, if possible, where they are from.
    (it is very useful if interviewees are asked to introduce themselves at the beginning of focus group interviews)

Transcription files are laid out as in this example unless an alternative format is agreed.

You will receive your completed Word document by e-mail.

Translation files are done in Word Format or if required, laid out as original document.


Our turnaround is tailored to client needs and deadlines.

When working with high volume work, we can return individual files immediately on completion; as prioritised by the client.


Clients will be invoiced on completion of work.

BACS bank transfer is the preferred method of payment.

We’d appreciate payment within 14 days from date of invoice.

For billing purposes, each individual audio file will be rounded up to the nearest audio minute.

Security and Confidentiality

Discretion and confidentiality are of paramount importance to us. We have a confidentiality policy of which we are happy to provide a copy upon request; or indeed sign up to any reasonable confidentiality agreement as required by the client.

Files are destroyed within a month of completion. Physical copies of original material, whether electronic or hard copies, can be returned to the client upon request.

"...Their professionalism, enthusiasm and efficiency are a very considerable asset to any job... We would be quite simply lost without them..."

-Dr Issie MacPhail
Assynt Research & Consultancy and The Mackay Country Project