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Transcription Service

A fast, reliable and accurate audio transcription service in English and Scottish Gaelic.

  • academic research transcription
  • interviews, focus groups and conferences
  • lectures
  • archive recordings & oral history projects
  • video transcription

We have extensive experience of regional accents and dialectical variations and are particularly experienced in academic research interviews.

We charge by audio minute to enable you to work out exactly what you will be paying upfront.

Discounts may be available for high-volume work and for this we can also discuss a ‘blanket fee’ which would cover you for all types of interviews and qualities of recordings.

Have we been recommended to you? Please let us know and we shall offer you a small discount on our above prices.

We are pleased to welcome back return customers by offering them a small discount on our per minute rate.

Please contact us to discuss and for further information.

Transcription Rates

Rates are charged per minute of audio recording, transcribed as *intelligent verbatim.

Rate (English) Cost per recorded minute
Two person interview (one-one) £0.95
Two person telephone/Skype interview £1.05
Group interview (three or more) £1.25
Group interview (ten or more) £1.50
Rate (Gaelic) + £0.30 per category

For other categories of recordings, please ask for a quote.

* All prices are for clear, digital recordings transcribed as intelligent verbatim where stutters, false starts and hesitations are omitted for clarity of reading and interpretation.

For verbatim transcriptions please add 10p per recorded minute.

Poor quality recordings (or other variables affecting intelligibility) may be subject to an extra fee.

To obtain a quote please contact us or if you are ready to get started, please upload your file