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Translation Service

Facal deliver high-quality translation and interpretation between English and Scottish Gaelic; delivered by qualified, experienced native Gaelic speakers.

Facal produce written translation in line with current Gaelic orthographic conventions (GOC2), and tailored to client needs.

  • simultaneous interpretation service for lectures, meetings, conferences and seminars
  • written translation service between English and Scottish Gaelic including corporate documents, websites, press releases, educational materials and exhibitions

We deal with work of any size from large organisations, private and public bodies to individual requests, with turnaround times to suit the tightest of deadlines.

Factors which might affect cost include specialism of subject, format of document and turnaround time.

Facal produce a professional Gaelic translation to the highest standards in various registers according to client need, in clear Scottish Gaelic, written by and intelligible to Gaelic speakers.

Translation Rates

Standard translation rate is £9 per 100 words, but we are happy to provide you with a free quote specific to your needs. Please contact us. Factors which might affect cost include specialism of subject and turnaround time.

"Bha na h-eadar-theangachaidhean a rinn sibh pongail agus proifeiseanta is bidh mi a’ dèanamh fiughair ri bhith ag obair còmhla ribh a-rithist. Mholainn Facal gu mòr ri buidheann sam bith."

-Emily Edwards
Oifigear Conaltraidh Gàidhlig
Dualchas Nàdair na h-Alba