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Gaelic Business of the Year 2013 / Gnìomhachas Gàidhlig na Bliadhna 2013

Fàilte gu Facal
Welcome to Facal

a specialist transcription and translation service.

At Facal you’ll find we offer a reliable, professional and personable service at a competitive price.

We offer accurate and speedy English transcription services and a range of Gaelic language services, from Gaelic translation and transcription to tuition and Gaelic planning.

We also carry out a range of cultural, heritage and interpretative writing services.

Please have a look around our website and contact us using our contact form or by email.

Transcription service

  • academic qualitative research
  • focus groups, lectures and conferences
  • video transcription
  • archive recordings
  • experience of regional accent and dialectical variation

Translation service

  • simultaneous interpretation
  • lectures, meetings and conferences
  • conferences and seminars
  • written translation
  • corporate documents, conference materials, web-pages, signs, etc.
  • heritage exhibitions, museums, audio tours

"The translations you did were accurate and professional and I look forward to working with you again. I would recommend Facal to any organisation."

- Emily Edwards,
Gaelic Communications Officer, Scottish Natural Heritage.